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November 10, 2017, 11:36

Terms of Reference

These terms of reference should be achieved by specific meetings involving the different sectors, knowledge transfer via workshops and the wide usage of publication media.

The proposed terms of reference are:

  1. Enhance the study on map production- and process management, geoinformation logistics and geobusiness;
  2. Research on the impact of modern communication methods on map production, business models, change management and design thinking;
  3. Research the impact of Service Oriented Architectures and future technologies on Map-Production, Publishing and Archiving.
  4. Research the methods of Service-Oriented Mapping maturity evaluation and SOMAP management.
  5. Encourage international collaboration on the study of map production and geoinformation management with particular emphasis on bridging research, government and commercial sectors;
  6. Participate and contribute to activities of other relevant ICA interest groups (e.g. relevant ICA Commissions, National Mapping Organisations, NGO´s, Enterprises, URISA).
  7. The applications thereof in Developing Countries.
  8. Publications in and support of the International Journal of Cartography

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The workshop called "Archaeological Geospatial Infrastructures" will be held today, November 10th 2017, at 2 p.m. during the 22th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies in the city hall of Vienna (using the playground http://www.geocentive.at:8080/geocatalogue).