News: Call for Papers

Dear authors, dear colleagues,
Your are hereby invited to submit a paper to the special edition on map production and geoinformation management with the title “Modern Map Production and Geospatial Artificial Intelligence” in the International Journal of Cartography. Please take note of important dates. We have included the “production dates” as to inform you of the complete process. All submissions will be double blind reviewed to ensure the academic integrity of your submission and the journal. We are looking forward to your contribution.

Regards, Markus Jobst and Peter Schmitz
Special edition editors and co-chairs of the ICA Commission on Map Production and Geoinformation Management. 

Terms of References

Enhance the study on map production- and process management, geoinformation logistics and geo-business;

Research on the impact of modern communication methods on map production, business models, change management and design thinking;

Research the impact of Service Oriented Architectures and future technologies on Map-Production, Publishing and Archiving.

Research the methods of Service-Oriented Mapping maturity evaluation and SOMAP management.

Evaluating the impact of digitalisation with its characteristics of sharing, reuse and transparency on map production.

Collect requirements and document procedures of collaborative map production.

Considering the geospatial semantic web for map production.

Encourage international collaboration on the study of map production and geoinformation management with particular emphasis on bridging research, government and commercial sectors.

Participate and contribute to activities of other relevant ICA interest groups (e.g. relevant ICA Commissions, National Mapping Organisations, NGO´s, Enterprises, URISA).

Publications in and support of the International Journal of Cartography.


The ICA Commission on Map Production and Geoinformation Management is chaired by ...

CSIR Built Environment, Meiring Naude Rd, Brummeria 0186, Pretoria 


Centre for Geoinformation Science , University of Pretoria, Private Bag X20, Hatfield 0028, South Africa 

Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying, Information Managment - INSPIRE, Schiffamtsgasse 1-3, 1020 Vienna, Austria


Vienna University of Technology, Departement of Geodesy and Geoinformation, Research Group Cartography, Erzherzog Johann Platz 1, 1040 Vienna, Austria