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Archaeological Geospatial Infrastructures

A workshop called "Archaeological Geospatial Infrastructures" will be held during the 22th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies from November 8th to 10th 2017 in the city hall of Vienna (using the playground http://www.geocentive.at:8080/geocatalogue).

This hands-on workshop on Archaeological Geospatial Infrastructures leads through the basic paradigm of these modern mapping technologies. Simple examples in a well prepared software framework (totally based on open source components) explain the basic methods of the Web, Service-Oriented Mapping and its services, Metadata management, publishing of content and the creation of Spatial Data Infrastructures.

The aim is to provide an easy access to Spatial Data Infrastructures for Cultural Heritage topics and to understand their impact for managment issues as well as world-wide initiatives for infrastructure harmonisation (like INSPIRE or the US NSDI).

Blog at CHNT22.

Slides of this workshop.

Link collection for this workshop.


A workshop on "collaborative mapping" will be held as preconference event for GIS Africa in September 2018.


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